The Pavilion Club – Case Study

The Pavilion Club, an exclusive health, leisure and racket club located near Hampton Court by the river Thames, reached out to Venueserve Fitness to provide live streamed exercise classes and pre-recorded training for its members, when lockdown was initiated back in March.

Richard Thorpe, Managing Director, Pavilion Club says: “It was important to the business and for the wellbeing of our members that we were able to bring our services to life on line, so I consulted with a few other operators about how we could provide an essential fitness service whilst our doors were closed and was recommended the team at Venueserve Fitness. 

“The online live streaming capability and pre-recorded content has been a valuable asset for our club and has kept our customers engaged during lockdown and beyond.  It was so quick and simple to set up; you can essentially plug and play.  During lockdown we had 25% of our members actively using our online streaming, with our online group exercise classes, such as Pilates and yoga being the most in demand.”

The Pavilion Club has a loyal base of 2,000 members and benefited from the platform being a white label application, meaning the club could brand the online product as its own.  Richard says: “The Pavilion Club brand is important to both our reputation and our customers.  Being able to brand the platform as the Pavilion Club made our communications and content feel authentic and recognisable. 

“Being able to use our own expert instructors to deliver the classes also helped with customer engagement and kept our members in touch with our staff, who are the heart and soul of any health club.  The safety features of Venueserve Fitness mean my instructors are protected from any unwanted attention they might receive through other live stream platforms too.”

Since reopening in July, the Pavilion Club has continued to provide live and recorded sessions with Venueserve Fitness, and this is working beneficially for the club as a means of selling memberships, to fulfil class demand due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, and to support customers both shielding and away on holiday.  Richard says: “Our live classes are an excellent way to allow potential new members to try out our sessions and meet our team, without committing to a full membership. We are now in the position to be able to sell virtual memberships as a stand-alone product. Through feedback we are also finding that some customers prefer to try out new classes in the privacy of their own homes, without feeling intimated by others.

“At a time, when we need to make considered financial decisions, Venueserve Fitness allows us to provide a ‘gym at home’ experience, simply, cost effectively and effortlessly. This provision is something our customers demand both now and in the future, making the Pavilion Club available to more people, anywhere and at any time.”


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