The Marlow Club – Case Study

‘We wouldn’t be without this platform’

The Marlow Club is a luxury health and wellbeing club with 3000 members, located in Marlow. The club reached out to Venueserve Fitness when lockdown first commenced in March; they urgently needed an online offering that looked and felt like their own.  

The private members club prides itself on the community it has grown since opening 17 years ago.  It has a very loyal membership, who treat the club as their wellbeing hub – their home from home. Under one roof, the club delivers 250 exercise classes a week, has indoor and outdoor studios, its own ‘muscle beach’, treatment rooms, beauticians, a restaurant, lounge, and a brand-new multi-story members car park. 

COO, Jon Williams says: “For us, it’s all about our members having a positive experience, every time they visit. When we switched to online during the first lockdown it was important that this same positive experience happened virtually. Our online content had to look and feel like the Marlow Club.

“When we first locked down, we gave our members the choice. To stick with us, freeze or to leave.  Those who continued with their membership gained access to our live streamed as well as the prerecorded sessions. This was valuable income for the club, and I was humbled that over the four months of COVID-19 closure, 1700 members continued to pay their full membership.  

“This is testament not only to the community and the brand we have nurtured over the years, but also to the engagement this platform enables us to deliver.  Our live streamed classes feature our instructors doing the classes that our members love. It means the Marlow Club can be accessed by our members, anywhere and anytime.  It adds value to our membership offer and aids our customer retention – it’s a service we will never be without.”

The online live streaming and pre-recorded sessions produced by the Marlow Club have been viewed almost 28,000 times to date, and since reopening in July, every live class is  streamed for its members.

Williams says: “With current COVID capacity restrictions, we are only able to run our classes at 50%. Venueserve Fitness means when members can’t get into the physical class they can still participate virtually.  All our members have signed consent forms that they are happy for us to film, and all the instructor has to do is turn on the camera and stream through an iPad. It’s so simple and so flexible. The platform does exactly what we want it to.”

As a result, the Marlow Club is also now selling ‘virtual’ only memberships, and has approximately 100 members participating with the Marlow Club community exclusively online.  

Williams says: “One of the biggest attractions of the Venueserve Fitness platform is that it is a white label application, which means all the content looks and feels like the Marlow Clubs own product. It’s important that our branding is consistent and authentic, and our streaming feels like us.  It is also secure.  I have a duty of care to my instructors and members of staff, I don’t want them to feel vulnerable online; the Venueserve Fitness platform is secure and gives me that confidence and peace of mind.”

Going forward, the Marlow Club sees the benefit of the online live and prerecorded streaming for adding value to memberships.  Williams says: “We have a lot of business people as members, who are often away with work.  This streaming means they might participate in their favourite yoga session, whilst working out of LA.  The future uses of this application are limitless.  You want to work out on holiday – no problem. You want to join in your favourite HIIT session at midnight – no problem.  It means the Marlow Club now operates 24 hours a day – globally!”


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